Courtesy of Daniel Holt Photography.

Westonzoyland June 2019

Well! No two race weekends are ever the same, and I’m sure after this weekend there will be a bit of a split as to who will be glad and sad of such a fact.

One the one hand, a couple of factors out of our control meant that racing didn’t start at the usual time on Saturday, and finished earlier than normal on Sunday. I also had some reports of some “interesting” mechanical happenings – I know my technical knowledge doesn’t amount to much, but I don’t think con rods are supposed to exit through the front of an engine’s casing?

On the other hand it sounds like plenty of the good stuff was packed into the time we had. We’ve had lots of praise, especially from newcomers, regarding the event despite the delays. I’ve already seen some great photos and videos being shared in our Facebook group, which is always nice for me as I miss seeing all the action.

The other things I’m sure will bring smiles to more than a few faces are the results, which are already in! You can see them on our results page here. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes who works hard to get these out so promptly.

Westonzoyland June 2019

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