NSA Race Dates 2023

We are pleased to announce our racing dates for 2023.

The 2023 Elgar Championship has 11 rounds with 8 to count.     

March 2023
18thSmeatharpe ElgarENTRY FORM
April 2023
22ndSmeatharpeElgarENTRY FORM
May 2023
13th/14th Melbourne Elgar
June 2023
17th/18th Melbourne Elgar
July 2023
8th Smeatharpe Elgar ENTRY FORM
15th/16th Melbourne
22nd/23rdLlanbedrElgarDOUBLE POINTS
August 2023
5th/6th Melbourne
12th Smeatharpe Elgar
September 2023
16th/17th MelbourneElgar
October 2023
7th/8th Melbourne Elgar
15th Santa Pod Elgar DOUBLE POINTS