Please see below the provisional 2021 dates for NSA racing fixtures. All of these dates are potentially subject to change, and rely on restrictions being lifted to allow them to take place. At the moment no further details (or entry forms etc) are available, but as usual they will be shared with everyone as soon as possible.

April 24th              Smeatharpe

May 1/2nd            Westonzoyland

June 12/13th        Westonzoyland

July 3/4th              Westonzoyland

July 17th                Smeatharpe

Aug 28/29th         Westonzoyland

Oct 2nd                  Smeatharpe

This information is provided in good faith for those who need to make plans and arrangements but cannot be officially confirmed at this time. Thank you for your continuing support and understanding in these difficult times.

Provisional 2021 Dates

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