These are confirmed dates for 2020 for your information.

Events with NSA involvement:-

➤ 14th Smeatharpe
➤ 22nd Santa Pod

➤ 18th & 19th East Kirkby
➤ 25th Smeatharpe

➤ 2nd & 3rd Westonzoyland
➤ 23rd & 24th East Kirkby

➤ 27th & 28th Llanbedr

➤ 4th & 5th Westonzoyland
➤ 18th Smeatharpe

➤ 1st & 2nd East Kirkby
➤ 15th & 16th Westonzoyland

➤ 12th & 13th East Kirkby
➤ 26th & 27th Westonzoyland

➤ 3rd Smeatharpe
➤ 18th Santa Pod

➤ 14th Smeatharpe

Which events will count for the various championships (ACU, North, South, Elgar etc.) are yet to be decided.

Additional events:-

Please remember our presence at these are PROVISIONAL at the moment.

➤ 9th Ramsey
➤ 11th Ramsey
➤ 20th & 21st Jurby

➤ 11th & 12th Mallory Festival 1000 Bikes
➤ 11th & 12th Dragstalgia

➤ 8th & 9th Melbourne

➤ 3rd Ramsey
➤ 5th Brighton
➤ 5th & 6th Jurby

➤ 10th & 11th Melbourne

PROVISIONAL 2020 Dates – Now confirmed

2 thoughts on “PROVISIONAL 2020 Dates – Now confirmed

  • March 1, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    Hi, I am planning a bike trip in the south, south/west past of England this July with a couple of mates and we would like to maybe fit in a rally or race event while we are down your way. I came across the sprint event at Westonzoyland on the 4-5th July and was wondering if you could give me a little more information please. We intend to camp or use hostels/bunkhouses and need to know if camping is available at this event or nearby. We would be arriving there on the 3rd July from the “Grim North” Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Neil.

  • March 10, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Hi Neil. It would be fantastic to have you along. Are you thinking of taking part or just coming to watch? Either way, you are more than welcome to camp at the venue. You can set up from around 4pm on the Friday if you like. (The airfield is used for other activities until then.) There is unfortunately no running water on site and the food van isn’t open until Saturday morning. There are a couple of very nice pubs in the local villages though. If you have more questions, please contact either myself on or go to our facebook group We look forward to seeing you. Andrew Langdon, NSA PRO (Southern)

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