WZ Track Location, Facilities & Race Day Procedures

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WZ Track Location, Facilities & Race Day Procedures

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Location & Track Facilities (Info by: Pete Richardson)

This information is intended to give guidance to newcomers participating at Weston Zoyland NSA sprint meeting. I hope you find it useful.

Weston Zoyland disused airfield is located east of Bridgwater on the A372 between the villages of Weston Zoyland and Middlezoy.
Access to the track is via Olivers Road at the eastern end of the airfield and then through gated access into the spectator parking area.
NSA sign direction arrows will show where to turn into Olivers road and the parking area.
Follow the concrete track to the left for access to the pit area through a narrow gated entrance. Long vehicles with trailers need to take a wide sweep through this and also when they turn off Olivers Road.

There will be an allocated area for Straightliners entrants arriving on Friday which is to the north of the start-line and will be signposted. First time NSA riders arriving Friday are advised to ask me or any other NSA regular where best to set up their pits – certain regulars have invisible towels laid out.
Saturday arrivals will have to take pot luck as to what space is available.

Arrival on Friday is best planned for after 5 pm as the model flying club operate until around then.

There is NO WATER on tap and NO ELECTRICITY, so make sure you provide your own supply. There is no bar either!

There are usually two PORTALOOS and a CATERING VAN with seating adjacent to the Pit entrance.

Barbeques are permitted on Fri & Sat nights provided they are not in contact with ground.

Do not fire up race bike engines on Friday evening or Sat morning until after the riders meeting. Same applies on Sunday morning.

The village of Weston Zoyland is one mile away and has a small shop and a pub (Sedgemoor Inn 01278 691382) which does evening meals. More facilities can be found in Bridgwater (Petrol garages, supermarket etc)

The event is run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, should you need any assistance sorting out your bike, please ask – the NSA members can provide most workshop tools and expertise (not me!!)
Please take all your Rubbish away with you.
Race Day Procedures

Important: Please ensure you walk the track prior to Sat riders meeting
Repairs to the surface have been carried out recently which will alter the grip levels available (for the better we hope). The braking area is not visible until nearly at the ¼ mile and has been tested at 165mph+.

Signing On (from approx. 9 am)
All riders must sign on first before technical inspection. Jayne Glover and her assistants are located just south of the start-line. You will need to produce your ACU licence, NSA Club card (Day membership available) and entry confirmation slip. There will be a separate sign on sheet for ACU Sprint Championship competitors. You will receive a coloured sticker which must be affixed to the front area of your bike prior to tech inspection.

Technical Inspection (from approx. 9.30 am)
Riders must present their race bike for technical inspection at the nominated area. Your bike and riding kit (preferably wearing it) will be checked for ACU regs & NSA Class regs compliance. Please ensure your helmet has a current ACU sticker and you are wearing a dog tag.
Most tech issues can be rectified. Your bike sticker will be signed when it has passed inspection & a sticker attached to your helmet.

Riders Meeting (approx. 11.30 am) prior to Race Start (12 noon)
This takes place at the start-line and is given by the Clerk of Course. All riders must attend as specific details of race procedures will be given

Coloured Flags
Your bike sticker colour determines which batch of riders you will run in. A coloured flag (Red, Blue & Yellow) is flown from the start-line timing van to indicate that bikes with that colour sticker may make ONE run. This system avoids excessive queueing and gives everyone an opportunity to complete six qualifying runs. When the flags come down in the late afternoon the track is then open for any bike to run. There is also a knife & fork flag displayed after a couple of hours racing when there’s a short break for track officials to replenish their caffeine levels.

There is a specific area prior to the start-line for burnouts, please do not use excessive amounts of water. Burnouts at any other location will invoke the wrath of the Clerk of Course, as will wheelies, stoppies etc.

Speed limits
Track – Quicker the better, 170 + not tested in braking area.
Return road Sensible speed not more than 40 mph
Pit Area – Strictly 5 mph (it’s a very crowded blind bat population!!)

Enjoy the event, any questions on the day, please ask me or an official

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